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Lack of plastic strain in ANSYS simulation  

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Hi everyone I have a question related to Polyumod ABS material model posted here. I am currently simulating a snap fit assembly and it was successfully carried out in ANSYS. However there is not plastic strain in the results data. The material assigned to the contact parts is Material Model for SABIC CYCOLAC ABS. There are some locations in the model to pay attention because of their high total equivalent strain level but the plastic strain post processing data doesn't show any value. All the strain goes to elastic strain and have no sense. I don´t know if Polyumod is responsable for transfer that information to ansys for post processing purposes or what. If there is something that I missed out please tell me the possible reason for that.



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To plot the viscoplastic strain magnitude you can plot PolyUMod state variable 2. The attached (old) file contains the details. I think the approach should still work. Let us know what you find.