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Hyperelastic model procedure

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Hi all, I am relatively new to hyperelastic modelling and I was wondering if someone could help me clarify some thinks. 


So my aim is to model the behavior of a soft soft made out of rubber-like material. I understand that I need to make some experiments before hand ( extension , shear etc) and get some experimental data. Then what ?

I read about fitting a model in the data but I am not 100% sure what does that mean.

Also, if I use a Neo-Hookean model μ is the shear modulus of elasticity of the material. Bur if I want to use an Ogden 3rd model what is α & μ?

If someone could outline the procedure in steps of deriving a hyperelastic model that would be perfect. Also, any book or paper to read and understand what is going on would also be highly appreciated.

Thanking you in advance.