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Wrong interpretation of material parameters by ANSYS

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Dear Jorgen,

Sorry to bother you again, but I have run into a problem:
I got a a good fit for the 3 load cases in MCalibration, but when putting the material parameters into Ansys, the curve does look different.
Mooney-Rivlin5 and Polynomial3 were tried and both curves did not fit the experimental data well in Ansys, while doing so in MCalibration.
The experimental data curves look similar in Mcalibration and Ansys
Could you help me to identify my mistake, please? And Thank you!
Here are screenshots from MCalibration and Ansys:

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Hello FelixK, Can you also attach or email your mcal-file?


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You can find the mcal files attached. I tried it two times. One time I used engineering values and one time I used true values. There was no imporvement though. One thing to note is that I had to fabricate time values as only stress and strain values were available.