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Which model to use to simulate microscale damage of epoxy and carbon fiber during impact?

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Hi Jorgen,

I have been working on modeling microscale damage of CFRP upon impact. Now I want to incorporate epoxy damage and carbon fiber damage. Since this is a microscale model, which model will be appropriate for epoxy damage?

I was considering using epoxy stress strain curve to incorporate the initial deformation behavior followed by shear failure criterion.

This route has been used by one paper which as been attached here ( ). However, I cannot find appropriate values to use for shear failure criterion.

Do you have any other suggestion for modeling epoxy damage under dynamic impacts. I am using Abaqus/explicit.


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Unfortunately I don't think I have data that I can share. Instead I recommend that you determine the shear failure condition by an inverse FE calibration approach where you simulate some experimental test that you can perform and use that to determine what value of the failure condition matches the experimental results.