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Usage of Prony parameters generated in Mcalibration (using DMA experimental data)

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I am working for the first time with DMA experimental data (storage and loss modulus). Material: an epoxy resin

I have the following two queries:


1) Using a suitable material model I calibrated the experimental data (storage and loss modulus) using Mcalibration (as shown in fig,) and then, exported Abaqus CAE script for defining material in Abaqus.


This experimental data is in the frequency domain. However, when I saw the prony parameters for the material model ( from Mcalibration)  imported in Abaqus, these are in the time domain instead of the frequency domain.

Why is it so? 



2) Along with using Mcalibration, I also calibrated my DMA experimental data (storage and loss modulus) myself by writing a simple script in python. I used the following equations (frequency domain) :

Now considering my observation in point (1), can I use these prony parameters in the time domain in Abaqus? If no, is there a suggested approach for using these in the time domain in Abaqus?