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Uni-axial tension used for plastic bearing material.

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Dear all, 

I am trying to simulate the mechanical behaviour of plastic bearing in ANSYS. I used Mcaliberation today for the first time and I was surprised by its ease of use, user friendly interface and quick to learn documentation. 

Regarding my metal bearing, I only got uni-axial tensile stress strain curve from the manufacturer. There was no input for strain rate so I assumed a very slow loading. Also data in compression is not available. 

My questions is: Is it reasonable enough to calibrate "POLYUMOD-Three-Network" using only a single tensile test and that too assuming a very slow rate rate. As of now, I assume the behaviour in compression to be the same as in tension(simply due to lack of data from the manufacturer). My objective is get a rough approximation of the plastic bearing only.

Tips/suggestions/reflections are very welcome.


With best wishes,


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Hello Zahid,

Thanks for the feedback

You can use the Three Network (TN) model, but I recommend that you do the following to compensate for limited experimental data.

  • Make "mA" = "mB" = 10
  • Make "a" = 0

With these changes your calibrated TN model should be reasonably good and safe to use!

Best of luck,