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Time Integration and D1 material issues in PRF-3YP models set in earlier MCalibration release

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Hi all

I am new user of MCalibration and  to polymer material modelling. Currently I would like to reproduce some results using already calibrated PRF models in the company. Such models were calibrated using an older MCalibration version 5.xx but company's version is  now 6.6. 

I am always facing the error below despite the  time integration increment size  I choose: "Error: dt < dtmin"

Current time step increment setup  is initial: 0.01s; Minimum: 1e-10s and Maximum :100s.  Time span is 10E5 s and it is related to a relaxation test. Solver is MCalibration.  Issue still persists if I use whether “Follow the same time increments as specified in the experimental data file” or “Specify the minimum number of time increments” options.

The only way I found to have some rough predicted data is to change "D1" parameter to zero. In release 5.xx  MCalibration asked for "kappa" among PRF-3YP parameters  but  I realize it  already converts kappa to  D1 when I open  the old version file in the new 6.6 release.  Since D1 is related to material bulk modulus I can't just change it blindly so as to  have a result.

This time integration increment issue is puzzling me taking into account that model used to work fine in earlier version. Does anybody have any piece of advice to share with?