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Orientation tensors taken into account?

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Hi, does this software take orientation tensors into account?

Say I want to calibrate a material model for a fiber filled engineering polymer and use in Abaqus where the experimental data has been measured on molded plates. I can figure out, or at least estimate, the orientation tensors through a Moldflow evaluation. Alternatively I can measure the real fiber orientations using CT Scan data. The experimental response in the different angles will not be with a 100% alignment in that direction.

Is there any way I could use the PolyUMod software to calibrate an an-isotropic (or orthotropic) material model using this data. Are any of the available material models suitable for use with fiber reinforced engineering thermoplastics, I saw in the support section that a lot of material models are available, but most of them seemed to have been developed for isotropic material types.


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Oskar Sjogren

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The PolyUMod library has multiple material models that can model anisotropic materials.  I would recommend looking at the Flow Evolution Network (FEN), the Three Network Viscoplastic (TNV) model.  The Parallel Network model can also support anisotropic materials.