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Multi-Temp PolyUMod TNV model from Template doesn't recognize different temperatures in Ansys Mechanical

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I have a calibrated Multi-Temp PolyUMod TNV model using a "Combine Multi-Temp" PolyUMod-Template which ranges from -40°C to 65°C.  I have exported it to .dat format and use it as a Commands object in Ansys Mechanical.  When I run simulations at different temperatures, the results are always the same, based on -40°C.  I have verified this by running the simulation with different exported models at each of the three temperatures for which I have data: -40, 23 and 65°C.  How do I get the temperature dependence to work properly?  I can't attach the model archive because it doesn't allow the file type.  I can share it over email.