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Calibration of Three Network Viscoplastic model

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Hi Dr Jorgen,

I am trying to calibrate the Three Network Viscoplastic (TNV) model for an anisotropic thermoplastic composite material system.

I am using the following models for individual networks:

Network A and Network B - Yeoh hyperelasticity with power law flow

Network C - HGOB hyperelasticity 

Besides the default upper and lower bounds are there any other constraints that I should put on material parameters while calibrating the model? For example in Three Network Model flow resistance of Network A < that of Network B.

I am trying to understand if these networks are interdependent.

Also, can I use any combination of available models?


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Hello, No there are no other constraints that you need to apply. The two networks in this case are independent.

And yes, you can use any combination of available models.


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Thank you for the quick response.