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ABAQUS-global stiffness matrix-DDSDDE

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I realized that there are two approaches to generate global stiffness matrix.

1- to add the *MATRIX GENERATE, STIFFNESS in the input file and,

2- defining a UMAT subroutine and printing DDSDDE

I have not tried the second approach, but in the first approach, ABAQUS outputs the same stiffness matrix (mtx file) for different cases of loading and deformation. while I am expecting to get different tangent stiffness matrix for a hyperelastic material with geometric nonlinearity. I have some questions:

1- does the second approach provides a stiffness matrix as a function of the deformation gradient?

2- Is there any other approaches that we can output the global stiffness matrix as a function of the deformation? (e.g. through input file)

3- Basically what is the meaning of the global stiffness matrix that abaqus outputs in the first approach? How is it different from DDSDDE?

Thank you

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[*]If you use a UMAT then you can define the DDSDDE matrix in any way you like. It can be a constant, or depend on the strain, or the deformation gradient.
[*]I dont know any other way.
[*]I dont use *MATRIX GENERATE, so Im not sure.
What are you trying to do?


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Sir, I want to know DDSDDE matrix from UMAT to check the reduction in elastic modulus because of damage. I have got state variables from the UMAT simulation. How to get DDSDDE matrix? part of UMAT is attached.

Thank You.