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Polymer foam

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I would like to determine the dynamic material properties of a polymer foam for the development of an FE model. What sort of experimental tests would you recomend and are there material models available that might capture the behavior(rate dependency)? Basically I am interested in looking a the behavior of a certain polymer under impact loading. Thanks

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Yes, I have done that multiple times. I typically recommend uniaxial tension + compression experiments at various rates, and then also confined compression experiments. If possible, like to add a few shear experiments as well.

There multiple material model that can be used to capture the experimental response.


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To get the propeties of polymers you just need to be clear about basics. For the manufacture of like polyurethane polymers, two groups of at least bifunctional substances are needed as reactants, compounds with isocyanate groups, and compounds with active hydrogen atoms. The physical and chemical character, structure, and molecular size of these compounds influence the polymerization reaction, as well as ease of processing and final physical properties of the finished polyurethane. In addition, additive such as catalysts, surfactants, blowing agents, cross linkers, flame retardants, light stabilizers, and fillers are used to control and modify the reaction process and performance characteristics of the polymer.