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obtaining coefficients for ogden foam

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Hi everybody,

Im new in ANSYS simulations so maybe my problem is really trivial. 3

I have to simulate impact test of foam specimens in ANSYS Structural using Ogden material model(have to use Ogden model). I know that I need all coefficients to use (TB,HYPER,,,FOAM) function. I was trying curve fitting tools in different programs(also SolidWorks and Autodesk Algor Simulation) but couldnt obtain good approximation. I have uniaxial tension and compression stress-strain data but as I know model fitting for compression should be enough.

Is there any other way to obtain material model coefficients than tools Ive been using? Maybe ANSYS also can help me if I have experimental data only or maybe I should find other program?

I would be really grateful if anyone have idea what I should do know. I cant start simulations without reliable material model.

Thanks in advance,


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Good question. I always use the [URL= ]MCalibration[/URL] software for material model calibration.
It is an advanced and easy to use program that has been designed to solve exactly the problem that you are interested in.

I can give you a free trial license if you are interested. Just send me a [URL= ]message[/URL].


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