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Hyperfoam vs. Ogden...
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Hyperfoam vs. Ogden Foam

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Ive used MCAL hyperfoam to calibrate a compression test. I calibrated to the 2nd order and set both Betas to 0. I directly plugged those values into a Ogden Foam 2nd order material in ANSYS and got some results. Just a side note, the hyperfoam in MCAL is the same as the ANSYS Ogden Foam, right? I looked into you equations and compared to my other sources and they seemed to agree.

My stress at deflection seems to check out, but my forces are about half off. Is there a reason why this is? I hand calc the stress with strain using the calibrated coefficients (a1, a2, mu1, mu2) and that seemed to have checked out against the test data I collected. It is just the force that is off. I hope it isnt the viscoelastic effects that is at play here, is it? The crosshead was pretty slow relatively speaking (1mm/s)


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