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zero transverse shear stiffness

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Hi all, 

I've just downloaded the Polyumod to try and model an inflatable PA66 shell. 

After defining the material from the material database (PA66 2012) and submitting the simulation I get an error:

"39888 elements have zero transverse shear stiffness. Please check the input data. You may use the *TRANSVERSE SHEAR STIFFNESS option to directly specify values of transverse shear stiffness, or use the *TRANSVERSE SHEAR option to specify material transverse shear moduli for Abaqus to compute the transverse shear stiffness. The elements have been identified in element set ErrElemZeroTransShearStiff."

when modeling the same shell but as a solid extruded part the error is not occurring.

Is there a solution to this error? 

Thank you. 

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Yes, there is a simple solution. You just need to tell Abaqus what the transverse shear stiffness to use. The Abaqus command is:

*Transverse Shear Stiffness

The value is the same order of magnitude as the shear modulus. Typically the value that you specifies does not have much impact on the simulation results.