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VUMAT subroutine showing wierd results

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Dear Jurgen and friends,

I have written a simple VUMAT code for a continuum damage model.

The problem I am facing is really strange to me.

The SDV which takes the damage value works fine as long as I keep it zero and dont update it.

As soon as I accumulate damage (ddam = ddamone + damold) where damold is stateOld(k,5) and ddamone is the increment part, the SDV 5 disappears saying the primary variable is not available for any frame.

I have given zero values as initial condition in input file.

The code is attached.

I would appreciate any help in this regard.

It is impossible to work when I see no logic in the code result and it makes me panic.

Kindly help

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That is very strange. A SDV should not disappear.

Im not sure how that can happen.


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