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VUMAT issue in Abaqus

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Hi all ... I did a simple one element elastic simulation of VUMAT and everything (force balance) is fine.My aim is to change youngs modulus during runtime using strain rate data. So i want to write VUMAT for the elastic model only and plastic model (Drucker-Prager) and damage models i want to use the inbuilt one. But when i tried to run *drucker prager along with my VUMAT i got the following error.

The option *user material,type=mechanical completely defines the material behavior. It can not be used with an option that defines part of a material`s behavior

*drucker prager requires the use of *elastic, *porous elastic, or the combination of *eos and *eos shear, type=elastic options

A material property that is not allowed with a user material has been specified

Analysis Input File Processor exited with an error.

As i dun want to code drucker prager and rest of the stuff. Is there a way to tell *drucker prager tht my VUMAT actually the *Elastic?. Thanks.


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I dont think you can do that.


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