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Viscoelastic Maxwell - model in LS-Dyna

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Hi, everybody!

Im solving problem concerned with high rate deformation of viscoelastic material. For this porpose Im using LS-Dyna, but I need to take into account temperature effect on VE material. Could smb suggest me which material model available in LS-Dyna to use. From theory manual I have found so called model#175-Viscoelastic Maxwell (obviously this is general Maxwell model) (which consideres Proney series for relaxation function and WLF equation for temperature effect). Unfortunately I did not find the rule for filling correspondent card of this material in the keyword manual (ver. 970). I would be very appreciated for any help, probably smb could write me here this card.

Thx in advance!

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Model #175 sounds reasonable. This model is described in the keyword manual. You can download this manual in pdf-format from their website.

- Jorgen

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