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Viscoelastic Abaqus Help Needed Please

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Hi Everyone,

I am new to thermal viscosity analysis, here is the data I have received.

DMA data which has Temp, Shear Storage Modules, Shear Loss Modules, Tan Delta, Calculated Modules, Temp was raised at 5 deg/Min

I want to do a thermal analysis where the part is heated upto 90 deg for 1 hr, returned to room temp and cooled 2 hours.

How can i simulate this in abaqus ..? I want to incorporate the Viscosity data from the DMA data. I also have received thermal conductivity, thermal expansion and specific heat data.

please help, I greatly appreciate it,

kind regards


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What material is it?

As long as the applied strains are small enough, you might be able to fit and use a linear viscoelastic material model with time-temperature superposition. You can use these features directly in Abaqus.


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