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Variable rebar orientation in Abaqus Explicit

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Im trying to model compressive failure of UD composites with regions if fibre misalignment. The failure is by a plastic microbuckling mechanism (i.e. plastic shear failure fo the resin allows the fibres to buckle). What I am trying to consider is a generally UD composite in which a small region of fibres are misaligned by a few degrees.

If I split my model into different regions, I can easily enough assign 0deg orientation to most of the model and (say) 10deg orientation to the misaligned region e.g.


the problem is that this gives a discontinuity on material properties, which leads to a mesh dependent result. So what I would ideally like to do is apply a user subroutine to smoothly vary the orientation in the misaligned region from 0 to 10 deg, thus eliminating the mesh dependency.

My problem arises because Abqus doesnt seem to support user-defined material orientations for Explicit analyses. Does anyone know of a sensible workaround? (Id rather not resort to fudging it by picking a mesh size that gives me the right answer)


PS. Because of the way Abaqus handles rotation of the material axes under shear, I am using rebar to define the reinforcement offered by the fibres, but the same issue (i.e. not being able to use user defined material orientations) would arise if I used a homogeneous anisotropic material.

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Are you sure that Abaqus/Explicit does not support *Orientation?


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