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Using Orient and UEL subroutines together

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I have created a working UEL, and would like to include material orientations as well. I understand that Orient and Distribute can be used for this purpose.

I have not had success in implementing these with the UEL tho. I tried defining the orient subroutine in the same source file as the UEL, without success.

I am not sure how the two subroutines communicate with each other (i.t.o variables and so on)

In orient, I define the T tensor (matrix), which contain the direction vectors, read from an external file. I would like to take this into the UEL, but I am not sure how.

I would prefer to use Orient, rather than hard coding the vectors in, as I can then display the directionalities in Abaqus CAE.

Please advise.

Kind Regards


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i guess, you have already looked for an utilty routine which might deliver the coordinate system for each integration point, right?!

probably, there is no other way but using ORIENT for your CAE output and hard coding for the other subroutine.

best wishes on your problem!


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I'm facing the same problem, if you figured it out, please message me, I appreciate it.

thank you.