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User defined Mullins effect in ANSYS

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Hi all,

It is my first post here. I am working with Mullins effect of rubber material. I have conducted cyclic tensile loading on rubber specimen and obtained the material properties (modulus and damage parameter) from my experimental data. I would like to know by using ANSYS APDL, how can I simulate Mullins effect? I came to know that ANSYS now have Mullins effect but I have very little knowledge about ANSYS. I intend to make little modification to the existing model and I learnt that I need to write usermat for that in ANSYS. Ive been working using ABAQUS before this and thus I would really appreciate if you can help on this. FYI, I am using neo-Hookean model and pseudo-elastic damage model for the Mullins effect. Thanks!



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I recommend that you calibrate the ANSYS material model with Mullins damage using [URL= ]MCalibration[/URL].


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