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Sweep mesh in 2 directions?  

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Hi, Im trying to mesh a part that is basically 1/6th of a cylinder revolved around 60 degrees. I have a mesh bias as shown in the figure toward the top left edge as this is the area of interest.

[url] [/url]

Basically I want a mesh that is just the mesh on the side face revolved around the 60 degrees using the 10 elements in that direction. When I attempt to do with with non-biased seeding it works fine. I use a hex-dominated swept mesh with the sweep direction on the circular edge.

[url] [/url]

However when I try and do this with the biased meshing, either the side face or the top face mesh loses its uniform structure depending in the sweep direction I choose. For example this is what happens if I use the same circular edge to sweep as before:

[url] [/url]

And here is what happens if I set the sweep direction in the y-direction by selcecting one of the vertical edges:

[url] [/url]

So basically what I want to do is sweep the mesh in 2 directions. Does anyone know how to do this? It seems like a straightforward problem which I have spent way too much time trying to fix!

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