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surface wrinkling with stiff film on compliant substrate

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Hi all,

I am a relatively new user of Abaqus and am using this for a masters research project. The problem is I am attempting to model surface wrinkling of a very stiff film (such as gold) on a softer substrate (such as PDMS). I have several papers that have achieved this, but I am having alot of difficult getting the wrinkles to form. I am first performing a buckling analysis to obtain the eigenmodes and critical strains, using displacement loading, but the first several modes are extreme deformations of localized elements. Further eigenmodes do buckle, but in non-uniform sinusoidal wrinkles (which is what it is supposed to do). If i cant get the buckling to occur, I cant use the nodefile to seed imperfections into my non-linear/quasistatic model.

Anyone have any familiarity with this technique or with surface wrinkling at all?