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Submodelling: BCs in Abaqus

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Dear colleagues,

I am trying now to develop Python code which will automatize linking submodels to a given macromodel. I want that submodel is pre-created (using another software) and then linked to the main macromodel. 

I am trying the following technique: after the main model is created and run, the code opens “Submodel.Cae” file (pre- created RVE model) in the same directory, renames it into “Submodel”, links it to “main” model, and then runs it.

Two questions:

  • What is difference between boundary conditions and load in this case? If I place a box with voids (submodel) somewhere inside multilayer coating (macromodel, main) and define that all the BCs (on all 8 sides of the box) come from macromodel – do I need to define load as well?
  • Submodel location: I use box dimensions and coordinates defined in the “Submodel.Cae” file, and if necessary, I move the submodel instances (box with voids) to where it should be in macromodel. Then, does Abaqus transfers the BCs/loads on submodel box borders automatically to submodel? Or do I need to find nodes in macromodel which should be linked to submodel?

Best regards