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Strain Calculation in ABAQUS

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I have some troubles in calculating the strain in ABAQUS. I have the following model with one element (see picture) and a linear elastic isotropic material (steel), which is sheared in the x-direction. The analytical result of the strain tensor gives me in xz-direction 0.25 (see picture). The result in ABAQUS is 0.5. I ran the same simulation in CalculiX CrunchiX and got the expected strain of 0.25 in the xz-direction

Can anyone tell me how ABAQUS calculates the strain for a linear static analysis? Why is the ABAQUS result exactly 50% higher?

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Strain Calculation in ABAQUS


I cannot open your file for some reason. At the cost of embarassingly stating the obvious, given a factor of 2, I wonder what shear strain is being output by ABAQUS, engineering or tensorial, there is a convention which caused more than one trouble (engineering is half the tensorial). And which one are you calculating. The manual should be clear on that, and for sure no engineering strain is output if large deformations are considered.

Hope I am not covered myself in ridicule...

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I agree with Muzialis. If I remember right, Abaqus by default outputs engineering shear strain. This is not the same as the tensorial strain.