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Step Specific Coupling

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I have a complex assembly. There is a cylinder structure, made up of 2 parts tied together together, that I am applying an extension to. think of this structure as 2 cylinders stacked on each other. I would like to extend it to a different part, which is a rigid body. When they come in contact, I would like them to be mated, so that I can apply rotational boundary conditions to part 2, the rigid body. Is this possible? I have tried this many ways. First, I have tried performing just the extension in a separate job, and then exporting the orphan mesh to a new model. I have been able to import the deformed orphan mesh, however the stress does not come with it. I tried to edit the input file with *INITIAL CONDITIONS, TYPE=STRESS, FILE=&#64257,le, STEP=step, INC=inc , but I recieved an error saying i cannot use this for an assembly. I have also been trying to perform an extension, and a rotation in 1 job. However, I cannot figure out how to tie the 2 instances together inbetween 2 steps. Does anyone know if this is possible?