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speed 0 for a tyre that it is moving

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Dear all,

I am working on static steady state analysis. I have a tyre in contact with a surface and I would like to move the surface (I apply a velocity) and to see how the tyre moves.

Unfortunatelly, if I ask the speed of the nodal point it seems to be 0 for all the point (V.V1,V.V2,V.V3 and Vmag) despite the fact that the tyre moves in the right direction and the displacement seems ok...How can it be?Is it possible that the answer is related to the algorithm I am using?

I really hope someone can help me.

Kind regards to all

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I dont have all the details of your simulation, but could your results possibly be caused by the fact that a rolling tire has zero velocity at the contact point (unless it is slipping)?

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