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solid layered composite orientation problem

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I am trying to create a solid model using a single element per ply around a curved section containing ply drops in Abaqus. I have attempted a number of techniques whereby I have divided the geometry into separate volumes for each ply and then using solid elements, orientations and sections.

Am I correct in saying that if I apply a composite layup and global orientation and assign each ply geometry to the ply section I wanted that I can only mesh using hex elements? I have attempted to mesh using hex-dominated as in the region of a ply drop I am unable to mesh without incorporating wedge elements, however, the analysis is aborted as the element type is not allowed with a layered section.

I seam to avoid this problem if using a homogenous section and applying a local orientation to each section however in the curved area of the geometry the orientations do not follow the element axis around the corner but the coordinate system I have assigned.

Has anyone else attempted this and found an appropriate solution?