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I plan to simulate birth process, a fetus move through pelvic floor. Dynamically changing delivery pushing force are applied on the fetus, pushing it go through some pelvic floor tissues (shell elements). Since it is a dynamical process, I might choose ABAQUS/Explicit or LS-DYNA to simulate it.

I need to use a subroutine code to incorporate time-dependent tissue properties.

One student in our lab already did some pilot works on this using ABAQUS/Explicit, but the results are not satisfactory, especially computing is very divergent.

I will take over his work a few month later. I only have experiance with ABAQUS/Standard. Now I need to use explicit solver to solve this dynamic problem. SOme people said LS-DYNA is better than ABAQUS/Explicit. I am not sure whether it is true.

Any body can give me some suggestions? Does LS-DYNA has material subroutine similar as VUMAT?



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