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Simple 2D ABAQUS/CAE Deformation Problem

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Im currently doing a summer internship in bioengineering. Im attempting to model how the cornea deforms when a probe impacts its surface during clinical pressure measurement. Im a first-time ABAQUS and FEM student, so your help is appreciated!

Im doing this model in 2D. Ive created the cornea geometry as a circle of constant thickness with each end having roller pin boundary conditions (at 45 degrees from the horizontal). The probe is a simple rectangular rigid wire object. Ive entered the material properties of the cornea accordingly and created an interaction between the two.

The problem is that when the simulation runs it appears as if the reference point associated with the rigid body is the only point deforming the cornea. How can I fix this so that the entire face deforms the cornea?

Finally, is there any way that I can get an output of the stresses in the cornea when the full area of the probe is in contact with the cornea (in a steady-state)?

Thank you so much for your help!

P.S. Please find attached my CAE file.

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