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Response of viscoelastic material in abaqus compared with real data?

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I have built a model in abaqus using a viscoelastic material. This material is defined by using prony series. I applied a ramp as a pretension displacement then a periodic displacement. My results look good compared with experiment except one issue. When applied a displacement, the load went to relax quickly (stress relaxation due to viscoelastic material) until reach zero. The relaxation disturb my results. In experiment test, I did not get this stress relaxation.

My model material : Elastic + Viscoelastic, Instantaneous module, Visco step

My questions are: [LIST=1]
[*]In abaqus, can I control on load relaxation speed or stop it ?
[*]Is my issue related to material model or with the abaqus analysis ?
Please see attached, the red color is the load


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