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Reinforced concrete

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Hello ABAQUS users,

Im modelling a reinforced concrete slab with a punching failure in abaqus , ive discovered that theres not a lot of info about reinforced concrete or examples(that would be the thing that i would need). the thing is that i managed to model the slab and make the program run with rebar and with discrete reniforment usin beam option. the thing is that now i want to create a load displacement curve, ive used the xy option and the combine options but i can only get a parabolic curve that never gets plane, doesnt matter how high i put the load i can never see the plastic efect of the curve that tend it to be plane until failure. Ive created a smeared crack concrete with all the necesary data. how can i create a curve that fallows the part thats pplastic, at least it should show the plasticity of the reinforcement, i thing its showing me the concrete behaviour...

Thanks, i hope you can give ame a hand, im stuck and its very important tfor my final work to become an engineer, thank you very much


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I think that using rebars seems like a reasonable approach. Can you not specify that the rebars are elastic-plastic in response?


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