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Python scripting in abaqus

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Ive written a python script to extract SDVs from Abaqus, and create the appropriate stress tensors. All is working fine and Id now like to remove the SDVs (there are >150 of them). I have had no luck finding a deleteFieldValues (or similar) option, so my current approach is to create a blank odb, copy in the elements, nodes and results along with any non-SDV field values.

I can figure out how to create a blank ODB, but was wondering what FE information is required in there, and the best way to create it. The abaqus example details building Materials, sections etc, which i think is overkill, i just need nodes and elements (plus nsets and elsets).

Has anybody tried something similar? Or is there an easier way to achieve this?



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Never tried that. Let us all know how it works.


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