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progressive damage in VUMAT subroutine

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I am making a code of vumat for progressive damage, the Isotropic Hardening Plasticity is used.
I dont know how to deal with the material point with damage, especially when damage is equal to 1. I do it like that following:

if (damg .ge. one) then
stressNew(k,1) = zero
stressNew(k,6) = zero
e=(1-damg) *props(1)
xnu = props(2)
twomu = e / ( one + xnu )
alamda = xnu * twomu / ( one - two * xnu )
thremu = op5 * twomu
eps=(1-damg)*eps Get the damaged yield stress!
stateNew(k,5)=... Update the damg variable!
end if

Am i correct?
Thanks in advance.

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dear t_y2004,

im actually doing the similar subroutine as you, and what ive done is also based the same idea as you posted here.
but unfortunately the result is not all good.
ive got very nice responce for one sigle element.
but for a real sample for example tensile test sample (5000 elements), the response is bad and the deformation of some damaged elements are totally distorted.
have you got the samilar problem?


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