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Pressure as the initial boundary condition

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Hello all,

I need to apply an initial boundary condition in the format of pressure on one the edges of my solid model (ABAQUS software). I have the following in my INPUT file:

*Initial Conditions, TYPE=STRESS

Top , 0.0,500.0,0.0,0.0,0.0,0.0

Where top is the element set next to that edge and 500 is the magnitude of pressure in the y direction. However, it seems that the pressure only goes to the associated element set (Top) and it isnt transferred to the neibour elements. Am I doing sth wrong? I can apply the pressure to all elements instead of Top Elset, but Im not sure if this is correct way of modelling it.

I would greatly appreciate your time and advice.



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Why can you not specify the pressure using a pressure or traction distributed load? It seems backward to do it using *INITIAL CONDITIONS.
Your approach should still be fine if you give the model some time to reach equilibrium.


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Hi Jorgen,

Thank you for your reply. On the time of posting this message, I had problem in understanding the concept of having consequent steps. I was not sure if the load remains there or not.
Following what you kindly mentioned, I applied the pressure in the first step to give it the time for equilibrium and its working now.

Thank you again.