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Post-buckling modeling of thin elastic polymer sheet

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I am trying to study the shape of a buckled thin elastic polymer sheet. The sheet is clamped at both ends.
First, I used a linear buckling analysis to obtain the buckling modes. Secondly, I introduce imperfections and run a Riks analysis. I obtained a buckled sheet with a shape close to the theoretical elastica shape.
Do you think this is the right approach?
I have two problems tough.
Which strains are representative of the local deformation at high-curvature point? Is the Logarithmic strain the appropriate one? At this point I have 50% deformation...which seems a lot.
Is there a way to plot the stress versus displacement to see the buckling occur (the deformation is load driven)?

Thank you,

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Here are a few comments: Your approach sounds fine. Logarithmic strain would be appropriate. If you can, I would also try to run the simulation without RIKS.


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