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Porous Elastcity and Rebar

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I am trying to create a poroelastic model that incorporates rebar. I want to know if its even possible actually. But let me go through the steps of my process:

1. Make part 1: 3D extrusion, deformable solid extrusion

Make part 2: 3D extrusion, deformable shell

2. Material

Material-1: Poroelastic and permeability ( can these properties go together?)

Material-2: Elastic

3. Sections:

Section-1: Solid, homogenous with Material-1

Section-2: Shell, homogenous with Material-1 and two layers of rebar with Material 2

4. Assign Section:

Part 1: Section-1

Part 2: section-2

5. Instance 2 parts

6. Mesh parts

Part 1- Pore fuild/ stress( element types)

Part 2- shell ( element types )

7. Create sets

Part-1: How do I select all the nodes and elements both inside and outside the soild?

Parts-2: all nodes and elements, all surface and elements

8. Embed Part-2( embedded region) into Part-1( host region- whole model)

9. Steps:

Initial-step up boundary conditions

BC1-fixed bottom of model( U1 and U3)

BC2- pore pressure around the sides of model ( U1 and U3)


BC1 and BC2 (propagated)

BC3- apply velocity on top of model ( U2)

10. Field outputs:

Stress, Strain, Porous media and Force

Initial conditions

TYPE=RATIO( void ratio and log bulk modulus),TYPE=STRESS

Sorry for the long post but I want to make sure someone knows that steps I am taking to create this model if its possible. I hope someone can help figure this out because everytime I run a data check I have a bunch of errors particularly about my node sets not being defined or active in the model which I though I did by creating the sets.

I hope to hear from someone soon. 😀

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I recommend that you open the inp-file created by CAE with a text editor. The inp-file will list the actual commands that Abaqus will use and should help you figure out if some note sets are missing.


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