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Polyethylene Modelling in Abaqus

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I am an undergraduate student doing a project that deals with loading low density polyethylene in blast conditions. Im not an expert with FEM but my model does not need to be too accurate (within 1 order of magnitude). Blast conditions introduces some interesting testing conditions, such has a very high but short temperature spike (up to 1200K) and overall very high speed dynamic loads. The current model I have is a simple linear elastic model with a dynamic pressure load that involves a single peak occurring in 0.0005 ms. I would like to know if anything I have done so far is even valid in these conditions and if not, what would be the simplest approach to making the model more accurate? Im currently having problems validating the model with experimental blast results. Thank you.

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What strains do you expect to see during the blast?

If the strains are small then you approach sounds just fine, as long as your estimated Poissons ratio is reasonable.

- Jorgen

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