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Please recommend/advise on modeling

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Hi There,

I want to model a blocking function realized by two polymer parts, with one part (blocking) made of hard PEEK/glass fiber composite, and another part (blocked) made of ordinary polyamide 66. The blocking/buckling is realized by direct surface contact, and surface/line contact of the two parts, where friction and tensile strength both play. The failure is expected when the part yield or break to un-buckle the parts. The blocking/unblocking process is more like static, until its failure. In reality, the hard part can cut into the soft part. It will help to be able to model the cutting effect, while it is fine not doing it.

I plan to use ANSYS to model this function to help refine the part geometry and maybe also the material selection. However my knowledge in FEA is limited to book and class and small projects. So I would like to get advice on the modeling in material model selection and element selection. Thanks.

Other parameters include:

1) max actual load in ~2000 N in tensile, strain ~25% for nylon.

2) room temperature

3) only loading is needed, load to fail.

3) Expect the simulation be at least a qualitative one to give some guidance.

4) there will be experiment following the simulation, testing in the lab

5) prefer existing model in ansys library

Any input is appreciated!


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Sounds like an interesting project, but it does not sound trivial to get accurate predictions. My main concern is with the selection of a suitable material model for each material. I recommend that you start simple (for example using metal plasticity), and then switch over to more appropriate viscoplastic material models (the PolyUMod library would be excellent for this).


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