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orphan mesh and surfaces

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I had to struggle a little before I got the trick for this one, hope others do not have to waste time on something silly like this!

To create element/node based surfaces inside a region of an orphan mesh, do the following:

Import the orphan mesh/INP

Go to Mesh module

Select the Part radio button

Go to Mesh -> Edit -> Element -> Delete

Select the elements above the surface(s) of interest

Click Done at the message area at the bottom of the screen

Leave the Delete associated unreferenced nodes box unchecked

Create the element surface(s) of interest

Create a new job and then the associated INP

Open this new INP in a text editor, copy the portion that defines the/those new element surface(s)

Paste in the original INP

This worked for me on Vista 64bit/Abaqus v6.9

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Nice hint!


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