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No movement of parts after Abaqus simulation

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Dear members,

I am new to Abaqus and currently stuck simulating a model. This model consists of two frames (plastic) with two gaskets (rubber) in between which will be compressed when the frames are moved towards each other. Everything works fine, but after simulating the model there is no relative movement of the upper frame towards the lower. I tried applying a load and, after that, using a displacement BC but still it doesnt work.

Has anyone had the same problem and could help me please?

Thank you very much.

Here is some additional data of my model:

- Static, General 3D (imported STEP-Files)

- linear elastic material behaviour (for the beginning)

- coarse meshes to increase the calculation time (only during defining the model)

- tie constraints are used

- surface-to-surface interactions with slave-adjustment are used as well