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Need some help in setting boundary conditions in Abaqus

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Hi everyone,

Hope someone can help me on this.

I am trying to model a slice model of an electronic chip that is undergoing thermal fatigue.

As this has been done frequently by researchers, I came across a lot of paper which state how they set the boundary condition of the chip. You can refer to the picture that I have attached for reference at [url] [/url]

What I am unclear of is, how do they specify the boundary conditions of UY coupled on all plane surfaces and UX coupled on PCB vertical surface?

To quote the author for the rationale of these 2 boundary conditions:

The opposite side of the diagonal symmetric plane is neither a free surface nor a true symmetry plane. A reasonable compromise is to couple the y-displacements of the nodes on the slice plane. The effect of this constraint is that the slice plane is free to move in the y-direction, but that the surface is required to remain planar.

But how do I set these 2 boundary conditions in Abaqus?

I would greatly appreciate any advice. Thank you



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