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Need help solving coupling temperature and displacement analysis

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I have three parts to model but once I determine the correct method I will be fine with the other two. The design is a simple C-Ring which I have used only half of it as its symmetric. It is in mm and I think I should put it in m just for ease. I have all the material data I could possibly get density, thermal conductivity, plasticity, elasticity & specific heat. I have made my step a coupled temp displacement, initally set time period to 1000, Nlgeom is on. I have made the load a negative surface heat flux on the step mentioned and may have to change it to m as the heat flux is appears to be too small for abaqus. The boundary conditions are fine. However the final boundary condition I have is a temperature BC of 1600 degrees C. This BC is on the step, not sure if it should be on the initial. The mesh is a hex coupled temp displacement. Just wondering if someone could tell me if im going wrong somewhere or whether i should switch to metres insead.

Any help really appreciated. Can send on the part file or screen shots if needs be.

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Sounds like you are doing it right. If it does not work, then try switching to SI units (just to make sure you got the units right).


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