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Need help on brain tissue cutting process simulation

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I am a new user and trying to find the cutting force and chip formation during the tissue cutting process. But I have some problems to the brain tissue properties.

what properties I defined in the model:

mass density

Hyperelastic : Mooney-Rivlin model (coefficients)


Shear Damage

Is this fine for the orthogonal cutting? And I am trying to find the plastic (yield stress vs strain) and fracture strain, could someone share the information?

Thank you!!!!

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I dont have experimental data to share, but your list of properties seems reasonable.
Brain tissue has been studied a lot, so you should be able to locate a lot of info in the literature (if you have not already).


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You may go with this for orthogonal cutting. For other information have a look to this.


[URL= ]tissue microarray information[/URL]