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Moving hertzian pressure load in ABAQUS : DLOAD user subroutine

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This is Gopal Ravi. I am a PhD student working on FEA simulation of roller pass in bearings. Recently I started working on ABAQUS DLOAD user subroutine in dynamic/implicit environment. I was trying to translate/move a static elliptic pressure load across the raceway length of 0.4mm from a from a coordinate of (-0.2,0) to (0.2,0).But due to some mistake in the code, I keep getting the static pressure at the coordinate (0.2,0) instead of constant moving pressure over the region.I have attached the code for reference. Can anyone please help me or guide me?

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Hi @shivareddyk95,

Did you find the solution ?. It would be great if you can share the DLOAD. I am planning to simulate hertzian pressure in the case of roller bearings similar to your case. It would be very much helpful and appreciated if you can share the DLOAD subroutine. Thanks.