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modifying a coordinate system in Abaqus

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Dear all,

I am very new to Abaqus and having a difficult time to modify a coordinate system.

I would like to translate and rotate the current coordinate system to be in the center of body.

Any suggestions and comments would be grateful!

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You can take two ways. The simpler way is to move your part (body) center to 0.0,0.0,0.0 which is the global center of the coordinate system in ABAQUS/CAE.
The more complicated way which is typically used for when you need to have two or more different centers for the Cartesian coordinate system (e.g. to have two different rotating systems) is:
you can define the center for any part (body) when defining the boundary conditions, constraints and load. In boundary conditions (constraints or loads) editing,
you can manually set the center of the coordinate system (local) by giving the x,y,z.

I hope this helps.

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