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Modeling elastomer/metal contact with ANSYS WORKBENCH

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Hi there,

Im new here, so I should briefly introduce myself. Im a French student working as an intern in a valve manufacturing society. Currently Im working on the modelling of rubber components using Ansys Workbench v14.

Im having troubles to model rubber behaviour. If someone has experience in modelling hyper-elastic materials with Ansys Workbench I would be glad to get some advice about it. For instance, how to set correctly the mesh parameters (Im quiet sure its the origin of my problem). Or shouldnt I use an explicit solver instead of using the mechanical APDL implicit solver ?

Im a beginner on this topic so any piece of advice would be great for me.

I try to simulate a simple model : the slipping of a metal piece on a rubber strip (frictionless model).

I should precise that the rubber I study is considered as incompressible

I perform a structural analysis in which there are two load steps :

1 - The metal piece pushes on the rubber strip (normal displacement introducing a penetration)

2 - The metal piece slips on the rubber strip.

In the mesh parameters I set physical preferences to explicit

In the shape checking, I tried explicit and Aggressive Mechanical but both settings lead to an unconverged solution.

Here is my mesh :

[IMG] [/IMG]

the green part is the elastomer and the grey part is the metal piece.

you can see the complete parameters below (sorry its in french, but I think many words are quiet similar to english)

For the contacts settings I chose frictionless and I let the default parameters of Ansys.

I apply a displacement of 1mm on the upper face of the metal piece, and then in the second load step I translate this same piece with a displacement of 10mm.

On the link below you will see my boundary conditions

[url] [/url]

Finally here is a short video presenting an unconverged solution :

[URL= ][/URL]

Thank you in advance, it would be really nice to discuss about it with one of you.

Best regards