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Make 32bit library on a 64bit PC

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Hi All,

Firstly I am not a big user of Abaqus but I am writing some code for our engineers.

They have a dll library (explicitU.dll and explicitU-D.dll) which was written and compiled for x64. these dlls are called in the application we are writing (passed to Abaqus) for each of the 7 runs we call in the application.

Works just fine on a 64 bit PC, problem is that one of our other offices run 32bit PCs.

How can I make the dlls 32 bit on a 64bit PC?

My current SW configuration is :

VS 2010

Abaqus 11.3

Fortran Intel Visual fortran compiler professional 11.1.038

VS vcars32.bat and Intel ifortcars_ia32.bat is called befor the make library command for abaqus but the DLLs are not created.

Do i need a 32 bit machine with all the SW installed to compile or is their a flag I can set to compile in 32bit OS??


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First note that Abaqus will stop supporting 32-bit Windows very soon. So you will likely need to upgrade to 64-bit...

Most Visual Studio version can compile both 32-bit and 64-bit code. So you can likely create the necessary 32-bit dll-files from your 64-bit computers. But note that it will likely require some effort to get it right.


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