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Limit analysis/elasto-plastic

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I am trying to learn how to do a elastic-plastic analysis that meets the requirements of ASME section VIII division 3.

In this problem I am not working with polymers (sorry about that).

Instead, the model is to be made of Duplex or similar. The ASME standards says that I shall use a elastic-perfectly plastic model. I do this by defining Bilinear Isotropic Hardening with a tangend modulus of 0.

Here is a simplified sketch of the problem at hand.

[IMG] [/IMG]

It may basically be seen as a flange mounted with four bolts that are pretensioned. One side of the flange is then pressurized.

How would you constrain this model to get the most realistic results?

Would it be best to import an assembly of the whole thing, with bolts and all into my FEA software?


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Yes, you can certainly import and model all the parts! That would likely be the most accurate.

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